2017 FIK Shinpan Seminar

October 20, 2016

The 2017 FIK America Zone Referee Seminar will be held in Niles Illinois on January 21 & 22, 2017. See information below.

  • invitation
    includes schedule, hotel, fees, etc
  • application form
    deadline 12/5/16, to be turned in by member federations (not by individuals)

Preliminary Info for the 2017 AUSKF Iaido Camp

September 29, 2016

The next AUSKF Iaido Camp and Jodo Workshop will be held as follows:
Date: Thursday, June 8 to Monday, June 12, 2017
Location: Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA
More details will follow when it becomes available.

Shozo Kato

Preliminary Info for the 2017 Jr. Nationals and US Championships

September 28, 2016

Dear Member Federation Presidents

Attached are the preliminary info for both the 2017 Jr. Nationals and the US Championships. The two championships will be held in San Jose, California at the same time. The Date is June 22 – 25, 2017. More information will come after the BOD meeting in November.

Best Regards,
Yuji Onitsuka
AUSKF VP of Competition

National Championships Prelim Info
Junior Open Prelim Info

November 2016 AUSKF Promotional Exam

September 27, 2016

Date: November 13 (Sun)
12:30 PM – Registration (Gym opens at 10:30 am)
1:00 PM – Promotion Exam (5 Dan & Above, Shogo)
4:30 pm – Follow-up Seminar and Keiko
Location: Palisades Park High School Gym
  1 Veterans Blvd, Palisades Park NJ  07650 (Nearest airport is Newark NJ / EWR)

Deadline: October 31, 2016 (No late applications will be accepted)
See application file for more details.

Note: federation signature is required, so check with your federation for its deadline.

August 2016 Kodansha Exam Results

September 7, 2016

Congratulations to all who passed the kodansha promotional exam held 8/21/16 in Stanford CA:

Rank    First Name   Last Name    Federation
5 Dan   Katsunori    Matsushita   AEUSKF
5 Dan   Minoru       Segawa       SCKO
5 Dan   Young        Yoon         SCKF
5 Dan   Warren Wonil Kim          WKF
5 Dan   George       Ogawa        NCKF
5 Dan   Brian        Olson        SCKF
6 Dan   Ai           Nakayama     PNKF
6 Dan   Yukiko       Miura        SCKO
6 Dan   Yasuyuki     Shimada      NCKF
6 Dan   Keiko        Umemura      AEUSKF
6 Dan   Masayasu     Miyajima     MWKF
6 Dan   Takeshi      Tokunaga     NCKF
6 Dan   Atsushi      Kajioka      SCKO
6 Dan   Takaaki      Sato         MWKF
7 Dan   Jimmy Ken    Eitoku       NCKF
Renshi  Sandip       Ghodgaonkar  SCKO
Renshi  Dong Su      Lee          WKF
Renshi  Hiroshi      Ichimura     NCKF
Renshi  Naoki        Nagatani     SCKF
Renshi  Akira        Mizunoue     NCKF 

Team USA Prospects Training Camp – October 2016 (Los Angeles, CA)

August 30, 2016

Dear Federation Representatives:

Team USA will be holding its 3rd Prospects Training Camp to identify and
select team members to represent AUSKF at the 17th World Kendo
Championships on October 29-30 in Los Angeles, California.

Like the previous Training Camps, those kenshi that dream of becoming Team
USA members should plan to attend this event, so they can understand what
it takes to be a Team USA member.

Details of the training camp are below:

Silverado Park
1545 W 31st St.
Long Beach, CA 90810

10/29: 8am-5pm
10/30: 8am-12pm

Participants must be at least shodan (1 Dan) and registered members of
AUSKF. There is no age limit, but Kenshi must be willing and able to
participate in high-level national team level training.

More information and the registration form can be found at the link below.
The deadline for interested Kenshi to register is SEPTEMBER 30TH, 2016.
For further questions regarding details of the Training Camp, please
contact info@auskf-education.com.

Team USA Prospects (October 2016)

Yuji Onitsuka
Team USA 2016-2018 Manager

AJKF Dojo Renmei Taikai

July 12, 2016

The All U.S. Kendo Federation is happy to announce that for the first time, a team from USA will be participating in the All Japan Kendo Dojo Renmei Taikai (for middle school children). The tournament will be held at the Tokyo Budokan on July 27, 2016. The team from the US will be represented by:
– Group Leader: Mr. Yoshiteru Tagawa
– Team Coach/Mgr: Mr. Danny Yang
– Team members (Region/age):
– Arata Ogikubo, SCKO, 15yrs
– Tyler Barrone, MWKF, 15yrs
– Noah Suzuki, SCKF, 14yrs
– Tylor Wang, WKF, 14yrs
– Tomohide Katayama, ECUSKF, 13yrs
These members were selected by Tagawa-sensei and Yang-sensei based upon their performance and kendo merit displayed at the recent 2016 Jr. Nationals held in Detroit, MI last month. They will depart for Japan on 7/22, have 2 days of practice then attend the events on the weekend and return to the US immediately following the tournament.

We wish these young kenshi well and we know they will do their best to represent our youth from throughout the USA!

Gambatte!!! We are proud of all of you! Good Luck and best wishes to them!

Tim Yuge