November, 2010 – AUSKF Board Meeting and Kodansha Exam

September 25, 2010

The next AUSKF Board meeting is scheduled for November 13-14, 2010 in Johnscreek,  GA.

A Kodansha Promotional Exam (5-Dan – 7-Dan, Shogo ranks) will held on November 14, 2010.   Application forms and written test questions for the Promotional Exam are available now on the AUSKF web site.  Application deadline: Oct. 14, 2010.  No late applications accepted.


Elimination Tournament for TeamUSA for the 15th World Kendo Championships

September 25, 2010

Eliminations for the TeamUSA competitors to the 15th World Kendo Championships will be held on 5 December 2010 at Case Western University in Ohio. The application deadline is 12 November 2010. Details and application form are in an invitation to compete [PDF] from Yuji Onitsuka, Vice President of Competition

AUSKF Members at SportAccord Kendo Tournament 2010

September 16, 2010

Results of the 2010 SportAccord Kendo tournament held in Beijing, China are summarized below. Information was provided by Dennis Ralutin.  See also photos submitted by I. Murakami Sensei.

The results from day 1 of the Sportaccord Combat Games Kendo Tournament in Beijing, China are summarized here:

USA results:

C. Yang: Won first round match 2-0 (men, men), lost second round 0-1 (kote)
D. Yang: Bye first round(?), lost second round 0-1 (do)
S. Tamura: Won first round match 3-0 (hantei), lost second round match 0-1 (men)
G. Lee: Won first round match 1-0 (kote), wond second round match 2-1 (hantei), lost semifinal match 0-1 (men), Third Place finish
S. Tew: Won first round match 2-1 (hantei), lost seminfinal match 0-1 (kote), Third Place finish

Day 1 results:

Men’s Individuals

1st: Uchimura (JPN)
2nd: Teramoto (JPN)
3rd: M. Kim (KOR), Wako (JPN)

Women’s Indivduals

1st: Kozuno (JPN)
2nd: Jeon (KOR)
3rd: Takami (JPN), Lee (USA)

Women’s High Dan Rank Invitational Individuals

1st: Shojima (JPN)
2nd: Murayama (JPN)
3rd: Robillard (CAN), Tew (USA)

The results from day 2 of the Sportaccord Combat Games Kendo Tournament in Beijing, China are summarized here:

USA results:

East (Europe/Asia) vs. West (Pan-Pacific) Matches

S. Tew (3rd Match): Lost 0-2 (do, kote)
C. Yang (8th Match: Won 2-0 (men, kote)
Y. Tagawa (14th Match): Draw

Day 2 results:

East vs. West: West wins, 8-2

Men’s High Rank Invitational Individuals

1st: Furukawa (JPN)
2nd: Funatsu (JPN)
3rd: H. Park (KOR), Wu (TPE)