AUSKF 2014 Election of Directors for Nov. 2014-Nov. 2017 Term of Office

Dear AUSKF Member Federations and Board Members,

This letter is to announce the results of the Board of Directors election for the above referenced term of office.  Congratulations to the following individuals:
– Harada, Brandon
– Inoshita, Tsuyoshi
– Kajitani, Michio
– Kato, Shozo
– Kato, Tomoji
– Kodama, Jean
– Koike, Shinichi
– Maeda, Shinobu
– Marsten, Jeffrey
– Onitsuka, Yuji
– Otani, Norman
– Shinada, Shuntaro
– Tagawa, Yoshiteru
– Tanouye, Court
– Yang, Chris
– Yoshida, Kotaro
– Yuge, Tim

The first meeting for this newly elected board will take place in Chicago, IL on November 8-9, 2014. An information packet will be forthcoming providing meeting agenda, hotel and transportation information.

Jeffrey Marsten

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