AUSKF Education Committee

Dear AUSKF Member Federation Presidents, Senseis, Kenshi and Supporters:

Happy New Year!!  At the November 2014 AUSKF Board Meeting, I was selected as the new Vice President of Education for AUSKF.  it is with great honor and a sense of responsibility that I take this position, and I would greatly appreciate your support and guidance going forward.

First and foremost, I would like to express my tremendous appreciation for my predecessor Shozo Kato-sensei, and the many AUSKF senseis that held this position before him, as they have done all of the hard work of establishing the AUSKF Education programs that our kenshi enjoy today.

We are very excited for all of the AUSKF Education events we are planning for this year and beyond.  Please visit our new website,, designed to keep AUSKF members apprised of all of the events throughout our country.  As you click through the page, hopefully you can learn more about some of the programs that AUSKF has to offer our kenshi!!

In another new development, we have reached out to numerous senseis throughout the US and teamed up to create new “Regional Committees” divided by time zones (Pacific, Rocky Mountain/Midwest and Eastern) to ensure that we have a better “local connection” to each region and local federation, thereby encouraging participation, interest and excitement about all of our events.  Kenshi can now reach out to the Regional Committee members with any ideas, thoughts or requests they may have.

We are committed to working together with all of you so that we can inspire and improve kendo in the US.   We hope we can all work together to increase synergies, improve information flow, create greater interest and participation in events and, most importantly, make the AUSKF kenshi feel as though they are gaining something back from our efforts.  Thank you always for your dedication and efforts to improving kendo in the United States, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Chris Yang
AUSKF Education Committee

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