2016 AUSKF Team USA Prospects

Dear AUSKF Regional Federation Leaders:

Team USA will be hosting a series of Team USA Prospects Training Camps
throughout 2016 to identify and select prospective team members to
represent AUSKF in the 17th World Kendo Championships.

We are excited to be able to train and prepare the next generation of U.S.
kenshi to represent AUSKF. Those kenshi that dream to become Team USA
members should plan to attend all of these Team USA Prospects Training
Camps, to the extent possible, so that they can understand what it takes
to be a Team USA member.

Participants must be at least Sho-dan (1 dan) and registered members of
AUSKF. There are no age restrictions but kenshi must be willing and able
to participate in high-level national team level trainings.

Please pass along this information and encourage the future generation to
challenge themselves by joining these Camps. Together lets create a
strong U.S. National Team for generations to come.

Chris Yang
AUSKF VP of Education

attachment: flyer

update 1/12/16: the deadline to register for the first Team USA
Prospects Training Camp (February 20-21st in San Jose, CA) is 2/1/16

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