AUSKF Kumamoto Earthquake Relief Fund

Dear AUSKF Regional Presidents, Regional Federations, Dojo, Kenshi and Friends:

As you are aware, this past month the Kumamoto area of Japan suffered a great and tragic earthquake.  If you have family or friends in the area, we hope and wish for their well-being in this time.
In the spirit of Ken-Yu ( ), the AUSKF Board of Directors has voted unanimously to donate to a relief effort for the victims, particularly those areas or persons who have relationships with kendo.  We have contacted the All Japan Kendo Federation (AJKF) and they have a plan to assist those affected by this disaster.  As such, it was determined that AUSKF would pass on any donations to AJKF for proper distribution.
On behalf of the AUSKF Board of Directors, we would like to ask for your voluntary participation in this program.  If you are able, any amount of donation would be recognized and greatly appreciated.
Please pass on this message to your federation members and dojo members as soon as possible.  We will have this program until the end of May, at which time we will forward all donations to AJKF.
To expedite this process, we have set up a website to donate the funds. 
For donations, please click or paste the following link:

As we will not accept cash or checks, please use this site for submitting funds.  All donations will be recognized by AUSKF and passed on to AJKF.
Please note, AUSKF is a charitable organization, but please consult with your tax advisor if you wish to consider deductions.
Thank you so much for your kind consideration.
Yoshiteru Tagawa
President, AUSKF
Tim Yuge
Executive VP, AUSKF
The AUSKF Board of Directors

Update 4/29/16:
Once you complete your donation on the paypal site, a confirmation page will appear.
  1. You can print your donation receipt by following the blue link below the confirmation number.
  2. You can also obtain a thank-you letter as well as the organizational information of AUSKF (address, EIN, etc.) if you follow the link “Return to AUSKF” in the orange box at the bottom of the page.
Kotaro Yoshida, Treasurer

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