AJKF Dojo Renmei Taikai

July 12, 2016

The All U.S. Kendo Federation is happy to announce that for the first time, a team from USA will be participating in the All Japan Kendo Dojo Renmei Taikai (for middle school children). The tournament will be held at the Tokyo Budokan on July 27, 2016. The team from the US will be represented by:
– Group Leader: Mr. Yoshiteru Tagawa
– Team Coach/Mgr: Mr. Danny Yang
– Team members (Region/age):
– Arata Ogikubo, SCKO, 15yrs
– Tyler Barrone, MWKF, 15yrs
– Noah Suzuki, SCKF, 14yrs
– Tylor Wang, WKF, 14yrs
– Tomohide Katayama, ECUSKF, 13yrs
These members were selected by Tagawa-sensei and Yang-sensei based upon their performance and kendo merit displayed at the recent 2016 Jr. Nationals held in Detroit, MI last month. They will depart for Japan on 7/22, have 2 days of practice then attend the events on the weekend and return to the US immediately following the tournament.

We wish these young kenshi well and we know they will do their best to represent our youth from throughout the USA!

Gambatte!!! We are proud of all of you! Good Luck and best wishes to them!

Tim Yuge