Team USA Prospects Training Camp – October 2016 (Los Angeles, CA)

Dear Federation Representatives:

Team USA will be holding its 3rd Prospects Training Camp to identify and
select team members to represent AUSKF at the 17th World Kendo
Championships on October 29-30 in Los Angeles, California.

Like the previous Training Camps, those kenshi that dream of becoming Team
USA members should plan to attend this event, so they can understand what
it takes to be a Team USA member.

Details of the training camp are below:

Silverado Park
1545 W 31st St.
Long Beach, CA 90810

10/29: 8am-5pm
10/30: 8am-12pm

Participants must be at least shodan (1 Dan) and registered members of
AUSKF. There is no age limit, but Kenshi must be willing and able to
participate in high-level national team level training.

More information and the registration form can be found at the link below.
The deadline for interested Kenshi to register is SEPTEMBER 30TH, 2016.
For further questions regarding details of the Training Camp, please

Yuji Onitsuka
Team USA 2016-2018 Manager


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