Progress of the online registration


We hope your new year is off to a good start.

We would like to report to you on the progress of the online registration. To remind you, the impetus for the new system is to automate the work flow, centralize data security, and correct errors in the existing database by having individual members verify their profiles and records. Travis Stronach and Steve Hoff have been volunteering their time for software development and improvement. The system is and will be a work in progress for many years to come, but it is now equipped with many of the convenient and flexible features that you requested, including the following:

(1) Each federation can set their own fee schedules online;
(2) Members can register online and pay by check via federation representatives;
(3) Dojo representatives can verify members’ eligibility and control their registrations;
(4) Dojo representatives can merge multiple dojo data into one (e.g., the system currently recognizes the University of Chicago Kendo Club and the Univ. of Chicago Kendo Club as two separate dojos. The dojo rep can merge the two);
(5) Users can merge multiple records (quite a few members have multiple IDs for various reasons); and
(6) Federations, if they choose to do so, can import spreadsheet to register their members;

So far, seven federations (AEUSKF, ECUSKF, GNEUSKF, MWKF, PNKF, SEUSKF, and SWKIF) have signed up to use the new system. We would like to encourage that the remaining federations will join us. It will either eliminate or significantly reduce the amount of work at every step of the way–dojo reps, federation reps, and the AUSKF will all be freed from a lot of mundane, manual work. It will also allow individual kenshi to take ownership of their accounts and keep their profiles current. Furthermore, we believe that the new system is more secure against potential data exposure than in the previous system where registrations data changed hands in multiple stages before getting to the AUSKF.

We will give more detailed instructions in March for the new registration that spans 4/1/2018-3/31/2019. Meanwhile, we encourage that the federation representatives will start entering the bank account information and submit to us a list of dojo representatives as well as those who should be given administrative access to. We also encourage that the dojo and federation representatives merge duplicate records, which unfortunately exist in the current database, before the registration rolls out. We expect that this work will significantly reduce the amount of confusion.

Lastly, Travis Stronach and Steve Hoff can use some helping hands in further adding new features and maintaining the existing system. The required skills include working experiences in

  • MVC.NET and C#
  • AngularJS and Angular 4
  • .NET Web Api
  • Experience with .NET Core is desired.
  • MS Sql Server
  • Entity Framework
  • A good understanding of SOLID principles and common software patterns.
  • Talent in UI design/HTML/CSS is a plus

We would appreciate it if you could ask your members about this volunteering opportunities for the benefit of the general membership of the AUSKF.

We look forward to working with you. Thank you.

Keiko Umemura, Kotaro Yoshida, Travis Stronach, and Steve Hoff

Update 2/28/2018:
See 2018 membership registration announcement and instruction letter

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