Jr. Nationals 2018 Details

Greetings AUSKF board members and federation presidents,

Attached is the registration form the 2018 AUSKF Jr. Nationals. Please return the completed form to us by March 1, 2018 to register@auskf-jrnationals.com.

We ask for your cooperation in returning completed forms on time to help the tournament committee construct brackets which will subsequently be shared.

Cheers and thank you!

AUSKF Tournament Committee

Attachment: registration form (xlsx) updated, see below

Update 1/25/18:
The registration form has been upated. The previous form did not include registration for the number of teams federations will be entering in the teams division. Federations can enter up to 2 teams for each division adhering to the age guidelines outlined here: http://auskf-jrnationals.com/info

Update 1/30/18:

  • Shiai rules have been posted, see link
  • Like last year, we will be selecting 5 kenshi from the 14-15 years old division to represent the AUSKF in the All Japan Dojo Youth Kendo Tournament in July 2018 in Tokyo Japan. We encourage you to share this with eligible kenshi to motivate them to sign up and participate.
  • Shinpan who are considering signing up to volunteer should be available one hour before the tournament starts for a shinpan meeting.
  • Selected shinpan who reside outside of Southern California will have hotels booked on their behalf. Those residing in Southern California are expected to have their own accommodations already coordinated.

All the above information is available on our Info page (http://auskf-jrnationals.com/info.html) and Travel page (http://auskf-jrnationals.com/travel.html).


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