AUSKF 2019 Membership Registration

Dear President of AUSKF Member Federation,

This message finds you well. Today, I am contacting you regarding the 2019 AUSKF membership registration. The 2019 membership period is 4/1/2019 – 3/31/2020, and the 2019 membership registration due date is 3/31/2019. Please find attached letter for the registration information.

Online Registration

Travis Stronach and Steve Hoff have been volunteering their time for software development and improvement and keep making progress on the online registration portal. Last year, two more federations signed up the online registration system, and nine federations (AEUSKF, ECUSKF, EUSKF, GNEUSKF, MWKF, PNKF, SEUSKF, SUSKIF, and SWKIF) have been using the online registration system. We strongly encourage the remaining federations to join the online registration system. It will significantly reduce the amount of administrative work at every dojo, federation, and AUSKF stage, and it will also allow individual kenshi to review and update its own profile and take ownership of their accounts.
Please see more benefits here.

Spreadsheet Registration

Jean Kodama sensei and Mary DeJong have been volunteering their time and assisting the federations to import the membership data and continue working on the spreadsheet registration process. If your federation choses to remain in the spreadsheet registration, please follow the steps and instructions carefully. You can find the instructions here.

If you have any question regarding the membership registration, please feel free to contact me at


Keiko Umemura
AUSKF Treasurer

Attachment: letter

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