Bokuto ni yoru kihon keiko ho requirements

Dear presidents of the member federations,

Please be notified of the new guideline by AUSKF to incorporate the Bokuto ni yoru kendo kihon waza keiko ho (Bokuto Keiko) to Kyu examination at regional level starting next year.

We ask you to start testing candidates to demonstrate sufficient knowledge and skill of these techniques starting year 2020.

To assist you to be familiar with these techniques, AUSKF will be teaching these techniques at the upcoming adult kendo seminar and high rank seminar.

Below is the minimum required to conduct at each examination, and you may make changes to expand the use of it as well.

We do not require you to do this for 1 kyu and above, since they already have to demonstrate kendo kata.

We do require you to conduct the test, but Bokuto Keiko performance should not be the reason to fail the candidate.

We made this decision based on what is going on in Japan to test Kyu candidates, and encourage each dojo and member federation to learn and teach this technique.

Thank you,

Michio Kajitani

– 3 Kyu: Gokaku·keiko, (chakuso, kamae, reiho, hassei), “Bokuto Keiko hou” 1~4
– 2 Kyu: Gokaku·keiko, (chakuso, kamae, reiho, hassei, datotsu·no·sae), “Bokuto Keiko hou” 1~9

Update 11/14/19: see new post

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