AJKF 2020 calendar of events

Dear presidents of AUSKF member federations,

I received the copy of Calendar of events from All Japan Kendo Federation for those interested in taking kendo, Iaido, or Jodo examination in Japan.

The dates are subject to change, so please keep checking their websites for updates: https://www.kendo.or.jp/en/information/fy2020-ajkf-annual-event-calendar/

This is regarding 6,7,8 dan shinsa and shogo conducted by AJKF. Please refer to https://auskfnews.wordpress.com/2019/01/06/high-rank-6-8-dan-and-shogo-testing-in-japan-2019-calendar/
AJKF will not accept applications unless submitted through AUSKF. AUKSF has to receive the request to test and $100 fee 14 days before the deadline of AJKF. Any promotion for 5 dan and below are conducted by regional federation in Japan, and it is the responsibility of each individual applicant to submit the application to them.

Thank you,
Michio Kajitani

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