No Foreign Kendo Leader’s Seminar in Kitamoto this year

February 4, 2018

Dear President of AUSKF Member Federation.

Thank you very much for understanding and supporting AUSKF. I received a notece from All Japan Kendo Federation as follows. Please your member clubs and members.

AJKF will not hold the Foreign Kendo Leader’s Seminar in Kitamoto this year.

Shinobu Maeda


All Japan Kendo Enbu Taikai (Kyoto Taikai) Application

January 26, 2018

To AUSKF Member Federation President,

Please distribute the attached information of All Japan Kendo Enbu Taikai (Kyoto Taikai) to your members and clubs.

Since AJKF’s deadline is February 20 (Tue), 2018, applicants should email
① Application Form
② A Copy of Rank (Dan) Menjo
③ A Copy of Shogo Menjo
to Shinobu Maeda (
by February 17(Sat), 2018

Shinobu Maeda

information (pdf)
application form (xls)

Kendo High rank and Shogo examination on April 15, 2018

January 23, 2018

Dear Presidents of AUSKF Member Kendo Federations,

AUSKF Kendo Promotion Exam (5-7 dan and Shogo (Renshi, and Kyoshi) will be held in the afternoon of April 15, 2018 (Sunday) after the board meeting at:
Marina High School
15871 Springdale St, Huntington Beach, CA 92649

followed by critiques and seminar.

Please distribute the attached information to your member clubs.

The deadline of the application is March 30, 2018 (Friday).

Michio Kajitani
VP Promotion & Examination, AUSKF

info packet (updated 1/24/18 to correct title)
Marina High map
hotel info

Update 2/6/2017:
Please also distribute the link below and encourage the applicants to fill this form in the link. That will help us organize the shinsa without error. Thank you very much for your corporation.

Jr. Nationals 2018 Details

January 21, 2018

Greetings AUSKF board members and federation presidents,

Attached is the registration form the 2018 AUSKF Jr. Nationals. Please return the completed form to us by March 1, 2018 to

We ask for your cooperation in returning completed forms on time to help the tournament committee construct brackets which will subsequently be shared.

Cheers and thank you!

AUSKF Tournament Committee

Attachment: registration form (xlsx) updated, see below

Update 1/25/18:
The registration form has been upated. The previous form did not include registration for the number of teams federations will be entering in the teams division. Federations can enter up to 2 teams for each division adhering to the age guidelines outlined here:

Update 1/30/18:

  • Shiai rules have been posted, see link
  • Like last year, we will be selecting 5 kenshi from the 14-15 years old division to represent the AUSKF in the All Japan Dojo Youth Kendo Tournament in July 2018 in Tokyo Japan. We encourage you to share this with eligible kenshi to motivate them to sign up and participate.
  • Shinpan who are considering signing up to volunteer should be available one hour before the tournament starts for a shinpan meeting.
  • Selected shinpan who reside outside of Southern California will have hotels booked on their behalf. Those residing in Southern California are expected to have their own accommodations already coordinated.

All the above information is available on our Info page ( and Travel page (

Jr. Nationals 2018 – Save the Date!

December 10, 2017

Greetings AUSKF board members and federation presidents,

We are excited to announce that a date and location have been confirmed the 2018 AUSKF Jr. Nationals! The location is Marina High School in Huntington Beach, California and the date is Sunday April 8th, 2018. The gym will be open on the day before (April 7) for preparation.

Attached is a save the date letter from Onitsuka Sensei that you can distribute to members of your federation. As we get more information we will share it via email and post it on our website:

Cheers and thank you!

– AUSKF Tournament Committee


FIK America Zone Kendo Referee Seminar in Montreal Canada

October 18, 2017

Dear Presidents of AUSKF Regional Federation,

Please be informed that the “FY 2017 FIK America Zone Kendo Referee Seminar” will be held in Montreal Canada from Saturday 10th February 2018 to Sunday 11th February 2018.
*Fiscal-year / FY 2017: from April 2017 to March 2018.

Please peruse the attached files and submit the “Application Form” to by November 28, 2017. (Deadline)

Best regards,
Yoshiteru Tagawa
President, All United States Kendo Federation

application form
– individuals: please check with your federation for its deadline

August 2017 Kodansha Exam Results

September 16, 2017

Congratulations to all who passed the kodansha promotional exam held 8/6/17 in Ann Arbor MI:

Rank    Name                Federation
5 Dan   Julie Chen          PNKF
5 Dan   Yong Hoon Cho       SWKIF
5 Dan   Cece Choi           WKF
5 Dan   Robert Cochran      MWKF
5 Dan   Shigetoshi Eda      SEUSKF
5 Dan   Jarrod Hatakeyama   SCKF
5 Dan   Hyun Kim            AEUSKF
5 Dan   Junichi Kusakabe    AEUSKF
5 Dan   James E London      SEUSKF
5 Dan   Bob Mack            MWKF
5 Dan   Masato Nakamura     GNEUSKF
5 Dan   Evan Nava           AEUSKF
5 Dan   Hidemi Saito        MWKF
5 Dan   Takayuki Shirai     GNEUSKF
5 Dan   Takaya Zembayashi   SCKF
6 Dan   Kwang Soo Chong     AEUSKF
Renshi  Lee Henry           AEUSKF
Renshi  Yutaro Matsuura     MWKF
Renshi  Masayasu Miyajima   MWKF
Renshi  Takaaki Sato        MWKF
Renshi  Takeshi Tokunaga    NCKF
Kyoshi  Hajime Sugawara     MWKF