AUSKF Newsletter Volume 19 No. 1

January 5, 2017

Happy New Year 2017 ! I hope that everyone had a nice holiday season.

AUSKF Newsletter Volume 19 No. 1 is now online. This will be the FINAL edition during my eighteen (18) years [since 1998] tenure as the AUSKF Newsletter editor. I would like to thank all of the AUSKF member federations for their contributions of your local kendo events and activities, which I was able to use with editorial discretion, to include in some of the past issues of the AUSKF Newsletter.

Effective 2017, a “new” AUSKF Newsletter editorial staff under the leadership of Tim Yuge sensei, AUSKF Executive VP & Chairperson/Development Committee, will takeover the duties of the publication of the AUSKF Newsletter, under the supervision of this respective AUSKF officer. I understand that a “new” design/look will be introduced for the AUSKF Newsletter that will utilize modern information technology e.g. photos, Facebook, etc., to transition our AUSKF organization operations into the modern computer age.

Best wishes to the “new” AUSKF editorial staff on the successful launching of the “new” design/look for the AUSKF Newsletter sometime in 2017.


Norman K. Otani, AUSKF Newsletter Editor [For the last time]


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