Regarding Promotional Exams in Japan

April 18, 2017

Dear President & Vice-President of AUSKF Member Federations,

The following is the request from All Japan Kendo Federation. Please inform following information to your members.

* AJKF will not accept application form individually. AUSKF must send all the application forms to AJKF together.

Please be aware of the following Exam Date & AUSKF Deadline of the examinations.

  1. Email “Foreign Exam Application (Application Request Form)” to Shinobu Maeda (VP Promotion & Examination Committee)..
  2. Request the president of member federation to email **Recommendation (Renshi, & Kyoshi applicants only) to VP Promotion & Examination prior to the AUSKF Deadline.

    This will be the information for the AUSKF President to make the applicant’s Recommendation.

    **Conditions for Recommendation for Renshi/Kyoshi

    1. Presently practice Kendo on a regular basis
    2. Play a leading role in the Kendo society of your country, possess great judgment and live sound life
    3. Have attended the official seminars organized by FIK and/or FIK affiliated organizations (including EKF/LAKC)
    4. Are recognized for having sufficient knowledge of Nippon Kendo Kata, Refereeing, Coaching methods and the competence for Jitsugi that are necessary for Renshi
    5. The President of the organization can guarantee that you possess such sufficient knowledge and competence
    6. Have retained the necessary experience in coaching and refereeing
    7. Live in your country and have been a registered member of your organization for at least 1 year; and will continue to live in your country and be a registered member of your organization at least 1 year from now
  3.  “Application Form for AJKF” will be emailed to the applicants as soon as his/her all Request Form, a copy of current rank, (**Recommendation for Renshi / Kyoshi), and a check are received by VP President of Promotion & Examination.
  4.  “Application Form to AJKF” should be filled and emailed back to the VP Promotion & Examination by the AUSKF Deadline.
  5. The direction for examination from AJKF will be distributed to each applicants.
  6. Please follow the direction from AJKF:

  7. Application request (including copy of Menjo, check, and Renshi/Kyoshi recommendation) due dates to AUSKF:
    Exam Date  
    AUSKF Deadline
    Aug 19 Nagano Kendo 7 Dan Jun 2
    Aug 20 Nagano Kendo 6 Dan Jun 2
    Aug 26 Fukuoka Kendo 7 Dan Jun 2
    Aug 27 Fukuoka Kendo 6 Dan Jun 2
    Nov 18 Nagoya Kendo 7 Dan Sep 1
    Nov 19 Nagoya Kendo 6 Dan Sep 1
    Nov 25 Hachioji Kendo 6 Dan Sep 1
    Nov 27
      or 28
    Kendo 7 Dan
    Sep 1
    Nov 29
      or 30
    Kendo 8 Dan
    Sep 1
    Nov 18 Tokyo Iaido 6, 7 Dan Sep 1
    Aug 4 Kumamoto Jodo 6, 7 Dan May 9
    Jan 12
    Jodo 6, 7 Dan
    Nov 3
    Nov 27
    *Documentary Exam
    Jodo, Iaido, Kendo Renshi Aug 14
    Nov 11
    (Written Test will be held in Tokyo) Kendo Kyoshi
    Aug 7

Shinobu Maeda
VP Promotion and Examination

Attachment: docx version of announcement

April 2017 Kodansha Exam Results

April 14, 2017

Congratulations to all who passed the kodansha promotional exam held 4/9/17 in San Jose CA:

Rank    Name             Federation
5 Dan   Scott Chang      SCKF
5 Dan   Cheng-yu Chen    NCKF
5 Dan   Dale Hatakeyama  NCKF
5 Dan   Hidenori Kongo   SCKF
5 Dan   Jeffrey Marsten  PNKF
5 Dan   Hitoshi Tanabe   NCKF
5 Dan   Linda Tanaka     NCKF
5 Dan   Hiroaki Yano     SCKO
5 Dan   Suzan Zau        SCKF
6 Dan   Jason Brown      SCKF
6 Dan   Dong Jin Huh     SCKF
6 Dan   Sunmi Lim        WKF
6 Dan   Taisuke Mori     MWKF
6 Dan   Shinji Onitsuka  NCKF
6 Dan   Kijae Song       WKF
6 Dan   Teruo Tamano     SCKO
7 Dan   Kevin Abe        SCKF
7 Dan   Masataka Sakaue  SCKF
Renshi  Jimmy Eitoku     NCKF
Kyoshi  Masayasu Ando    PNKF
Kyoshi  Tetsuo Komizu    SWKIF

April 2017 Promotional Exam

February 27, 2017

Date: April 9 (Sun)
12:30 PM – Registration (Gym opens at 10:30 am)
1:00 PM – Promotion Exam (5 Dan & Above, Shogo)
4:15 pm – Follow-up Seminar and Keiko
Location: Leigh High School Gym
  5210 Leigh Ave, San Jose CA 95124

See application packet for more details. (updated 3/1/17)

Deadline: March 31, 2017 (No late applications will be accepted)
Note: federation signature is required, so check with your federation for its deadline.

Updated Promotion Exam Fees

January 29, 2017

Dear AUSKF Member Federation Presidents & Vice-Presidents of Promotion,

Since 1997, the promotion exam & menjo (certificate/register) fees have not changed. After 20 years of unchanged fees, AUSKF decided to revise the fees based on its necessities and current fees practiced in other countries. I’ve attached the revised AUSKF Promotion Exam & Certificate (Register) Fee structure which was approved by the AUSKF Board of Directors on November 13, 2016 and takes effect for any promotion exam conducted on or after April 1, 2017 by the AUSKF or AUSKF Member Federations.

Please distribute the revised schedule to the appropriate members of your federation.

Shinobu Maeda
VP Promotion & Examination, AUSKF

attachment: document

November 2016 Kodansha Exam Results

November 22, 2016

Congratulations to all who passed the kodansha promotional exam held 11/13/16 in Palisades Park NJ:

Rank    First Name   Last Name    Federation
5 Dan   Sean         Ferry        GNEUSKF
5 Dan   Bruce L.     Gingrich     EUSKF
5 Dan   Travis       Hill         MWKF
5 Dan   Peter        Houston      SWKIF
5 Dan   Steven       Hsueh        SCKO
5 Dan   Sangsu       Lee          SEUSKF
5 Dan   Heejoo       Lee          SCKO
5 Dan   Steve Siwoo  Lee          WKF
5 Dan   Alexander    Lin          AEUSKF
5 Dan   Yuichi       Miura        AEUSKF
5 Dan   Hidemitsu    Mizusawa     MWKF
5 Dan   Masahiko     Negita       AEUSKF
5 Dan   Chang        Park         NCKF
5 Dan   Craig        Philbeck     SEUSKF
5 Dan   Yuka         Saathoff     MWKF
5 Dan   Sung Jun     Son          AEUSKF
5 Dan   Sungmin      Ro           SEUSKF
5 Dan   Arata        Tamura       SEUSKF
5 Dan   Yoichiro     Tsunoda      AEUSKF
5 Dan   David        Yang         EUSKF
6 Dan   Naoaki       Tanimura     PNKF
6 Dan   Ryoma        Tominaga     GNEUSKF
6 Dan   B. Moon      Yang         AEUSKF
7 Dan   Song Yi      Yang         SCKF
7 Dan   Brandon T    Harada       SCKF
7 Dan   Kazuyo       Matsuda      EKF
7 Dan   Tadanori     Okazaki      AEUSKF
Renshi  Moses        Becerra      SEUSKF
Renshi  Sung Hwan    Kim          SEUSKF
Renshi  Won Hee      Lee          SCKO
Renshi  Takuya       Manome       MWKF
Renshi  Eiko         Ooka         AEUSKF
Renshi  Spencer      Wong         AEUSKF
Kyoshi  Christopher  Yang         SCKF

November 2016 AUSKF Promotional Exam

September 27, 2016

Date: November 13 (Sun)
12:30 PM – Registration (Gym opens at 10:30 am)
1:00 PM – Promotion Exam (5 Dan & Above, Shogo)
4:30 pm – Follow-up Seminar and Keiko
Location: Palisades Park High School Gym
  1 Veterans Blvd, Palisades Park NJ  07650 (Nearest airport is Newark NJ / EWR)

Deadline: October 31, 2016 (No late applications will be accepted)
See application file for more details.

Note: federation signature is required, so check with your federation for its deadline.

August 2016 Kodansha Exam Results

September 7, 2016

Congratulations to all who passed the kodansha promotional exam held 8/21/16 in Stanford CA:

Rank    First Name   Last Name    Federation
5 Dan   Katsunori    Matsushita   AEUSKF
5 Dan   Minoru       Segawa       SCKO
5 Dan   Young        Yoon         SCKF
5 Dan   Warren Wonil Kim          WKF
5 Dan   George       Ogawa        NCKF
5 Dan   Brian        Olson        SCKF
6 Dan   Ai           Nakayama     PNKF
6 Dan   Yukiko       Miura        SCKO
6 Dan   Yasuyuki     Shimada      NCKF
6 Dan   Keiko        Umemura      AEUSKF
6 Dan   Masayasu     Miyajima     MWKF
6 Dan   Takeshi      Tokunaga     NCKF
6 Dan   Atsushi      Kajioka      SCKO
6 Dan   Takaaki      Sato         MWKF
7 Dan   Jimmy Ken    Eitoku       NCKF
Renshi  Sandip       Ghodgaonkar  SCKO
Renshi  Dong Su      Lee          WKF
Renshi  Hiroshi      Ichimura     NCKF
Renshi  Naoki        Nagatani     SCKF
Renshi  Akira        Mizunoue     NCKF