AUSKF Board of Directors and Officers, 2018-2020

November 21, 2017

Dear AUSKF Member Federation Presidents,

The following is the result of the election held on November 11, 2017 at the AUSKF BOD meeting.

Shinobu Maeda
AUSKF Exec. V.P.

AUSKF Board of Directors and Officers, 2018-2020

President: Yoshiteru Tagawa
Executive VP: Shinobu Maeda
VP Promotion: Michio Kajtani
VP Competition: Yuji Onitsuka
VP Education: Brandon Harada
Treasurer: Keiko Umemura
Auditor: Kotaro Yoshida

Committee Chairpersons
Iaido: Monica Iwakabe
Anti-Doping: Norman Otani
Youth Develop Education: Daniel Yang

Christopher Yang
Shozo Kato
Hayato Okawa
Seiji Mamiya
Taro Ariga
Tsuyoshi Inoshita
Mark Kerstein

Senior Executive Advisors
Charlie Tanaka
Jeff Marsten


Official Announcement of AUSKF Board of Directors for 2018-2020

September 20, 2017

Dear AUSKF Regional Federation Presidents:

On behalf of the AUSKF, we would like to announce and congratulate the newly elected 2018-2020 AUSKF Board of Directors. These members will be seated this coming November at the next BOD meeting to be held in Atlanta, Georgia the weekend of November 11 & 12, 2017. At this meeting we will be having the elections for officers to serve during the next three years.

We would also like to thank and commend the out-going BOD for their service the past three years. Their time and efforts were thankless and we sincerely appreciate all their hard work over the past few years. We know they will continue to serve and support the AUSKF in many capacities.

For the new BOD members, I will be sending official information to them later this week in preparation of the upcoming meeting.

Thank you all for your federation’s efforts in voting and selecting the new AUSKF Board of Directors!

Tim Yuge
AUSKF Exec. V.P. and Chair, Election Committee

2018-2020 AUSKF Board of Directors:
1. Yoshiteru Tagawa (MWKF)
2. Kotaro Yoshida (MWKF)
3. Shozo Kato (GNEUSKF)
4. Tsuyoshi Go Inoshita (GNEUSKF)
5. Keiko Umemura (AEUSKF)
6. Seiji Mamiya (SCKO)
7. Hayato Okawa (SCKO)
8. Taro Ariga (SCKO)
9. Shinobu Maeda (SEUSKF)
10. Yuji Onitsuka (NCKF)
11. Monica Iwakabe (RMKF)
12. Mark Kerstein (SUSKIF)
13. Michio Kajitani (SWKIF)
14. Norman Otani (CCKF)
15. Christopher Yang (SCKF)
16. Brandon Harada (SCKF)
17. Tim Yuge (SCKF)

Out-Going AUSKF Board of Directors
Jeffrey Marsten (PNKF)
Shinichi Koike (PNKF)
Court Tanouye (NCKF)
Jean Kodama (SCKF)
Tomoji Kato (SCKF)
Shuntaro Shinada (SCKF)

​2018-2020 AUSKF Board of Directors Election Procedure

May 1, 2017

​Greetings to the 2017 AUSKF Member Federation Presidents:

On behalf of Tim Yuge, AUSKF Executive Vice-President/2018-2020 AUSKF Board of Directors Election Committee-Chairman; the following information is being provided as notification to the AUSKF member federation presidents, regarding the 2018-20120 AUSKF Board of Directors Election Procedure:

#1. On April 8, 2017, the AUSKF board of directors reviewed the attached [see below] 2018-2020 AUSKF Board of Directors Election Procedure, setting forth the election procedures in accordance with the applicable sections of the AUSKF by-laws.

#2. The initial procedure to be noted is the Record Date: May 13, 2017, which has been set in accordance with the AUSKF by-laws Article VII. Section 10.

#3. The additional 2018-2020 AUSKF Board of Directors Election Procedures, will be implemented, as noted on the attachment referenced in #1. above.

If there are any questions regarding the 2018-2020 AUSKF Board of Directors Election Procedure; please contact: Tim Yuge, AUSKF Executive Vice-President by email:

Thank you so much for your attention to the above information.


Norman K. Otani, 2018-2020 AUSKF Board of Directors Election Committee Member for:
Tim Yuge, AUSKF Executuve Vice-President/2018-2020 AUSKF Board of Directors Election Committee-Chairman

P.S. A hard copy of this email and the attachment will be sent by post-mail to the 2017 AUSKF Member Federation Presidents

See attachment

Letter Explaining Fee Changes

April 23, 2017

Dear Presidents of AUSKF Member Federations,

I would like to explain recent raise of membership dues and fees regarding promotion exams. I greatly appreciate your understanding and continued support to improve Kendo in the United States.


Yoshiteru Tagawa
President of AUSKF

Attachment: letter explaining fee changes

Online Registration Live!

March 30, 2017

Hello Federation Representatives,

I am happy to announce that the new online registration site is live now after being successfully tested by a large number of MWKF members. Travis and Steve should be commended greatly for their work. While having full-time work responsibilities and family obligations (Steve had a baby recently), they have delivered. Thank you.

This email is relevant only for the following federations: CCKF, ECUSKF, MWKF, SEUSKF, and WKF. The other federations have decided to register collectively this year.

There is a set-up work you need to complete BEFORE you open it up to your membership. Below is the to-do-list:

1. Admin (Federation and dojo leaders)

This is priority #1. Identify federation and dojo leaders that have administrative privileges in this system. If you haven’t done so, please have your federation president send me and Travis Stronach ( a list of their names, AUSKF ID numbers, and email addresses. Without the privileges, you cannot complete the required steps below.

2. ACH information

Register online, go to the admin page, click on “connect account” on the left panel, and enter your federation’s bank account information. You will need to provide a tax ID number, a photo of your driver’s license, and other pertinent information.

3. Fee schedule

Go to the admin page and click on “product admin” on the left panel to specify the fee schedule. There, you need to create products that specify combined fees for both the AUSKF and your federation. For example, the Midwest has created the following products:

Adults: $100 ($60 to AUSKF and $40 to MWKF)
Students: $70 ($30 to AUSKF and $40 to MWKF)
Youth (17 or below): $55 ($30 to AUSKF and $25 to MWKF)
Seniors: (65 and above): $85 ($60 to AUSKF and $25 to MWKF)
Iaido Only: $75 ($60 to AUSKF and $15 to MWKF)

This is because the AUSKF has three categories of fees (youth=$30, student=$30, adult=$60) whereas the MWKF has four (youth=$25, adult=$40, senior=$25, and iaido_only=$15). The fee schedule for your federation may be more complicated, so please figure out carefully what products you need to offer at what prices. You do not have to specify the initiation fee as it will automatically show up in the checkout if the person needed to obtain a new ID number.

Once the payment is made (for example, $100 is paid for adults), then $40 are remitted to the account for the MWKF that was entered in 2. That money will collect as a balance for the federation’s account in the 3rd party credit card processing vendor’s system. It will be transferred to the bank account once daily.

4. Dojo/Registration Control (ONLY if you want to police it)

If you want to control who gets to register with the AUSKF and who gets to be affiliated with your dojo, you need to go to admin to check/uncheck appropriate boxes. In order to control for registration, go to federation admin, choose your federation, and check the box that says “Require Permission To Register”. In order to control dojo affiliation, go to dojo admin, choose your dojo, and uncheck the box that says “Auto Confirm Membership Requests”. If you do not want to control/police these activities, you do not have to do anything.

5. Waiver (ONLY if you want to change it)

Go to the federation admin and enter the waiver. If you leave the waiver section blank, the default waiver below will be used, automatically replacing MWKF with your federation:

I acknowledge that I have voluntarily applied, or have voluntarily allowed my child to apply to participate in kendo instruction and training at a dojo, club or federation which is affiliated with the All United States Kendo Federation (hereinafter, any and all affiliated dojo, clubs, federations are referred to as “AUSKF”). I am aware that participation in kendo, as in any sport or physical activity, may cause physical injury, damage to property, and, in rare instances, even death. I am voluntarily participating, or allowing my child to participate in this activity with knowledge of the danger involved and hereby accept any and all risk of injury, damage, and/or death. As consideration for being permitted by the AUSKF to participate in these activities and use related facilities, I hereby agree that I, my assignees, heirs, distributees, guardians, and legal representatives will not make a claim against, sue, or attack the property of AUSKF on account of injury, damage, or death resulting from the negligence or other acts, however caused, by any employee, agent, or contractor of AUSKF as a result of my, or my child’s, participation in kendo. I hereby release AUSKF from all actions, claims, or demands that I, my assignees, heirs, distributees, guardians, and legal representatives now have or may hereafter have for injury, damage or death resulting from my, or my child’s, participation in kendo. I have carefully read this release and fully understand its contents. I am aware that this is a release of liability and a contract between the AUSKF and me and I agree to its terms of my own free will.

I will be happy to assist you with the set-up process and answer any question you may have. The first order of business is for you to submit a list of admin people. So far, we have received the lists from the SEUSKF, ECUSKF, and MWKF. Once the setup above is complete, please make an announcement to the members of your federation and encourage them to register/pay as soon as possible. The website is self-explanatory, but we will try to add help documents and videos as we go along.

Thank you for having waited so patiently. Hope we can continue to work together.

Kotaro Yoshida


March 14, 2017

Hello Federation Representatives,

Please see the attached document for this year’s registration procedures. The detailed instructions for the old way (collective registration) are provided here. If your federation decides to do the new way (online individual registration), you will have to wait for one more week or so. I appreciate your enormous patience.

I would like to recognize that Jean Kodama sensei has stepped up and led the effort of formatting and creating the baseline excel files, adding more security to data exchange, and providing the detailed instructions for you to follow. Ms. Mary Dejong from PNKF and Ms. Monica Iwakabe from RMKF also greatly helped the effort. Please blame me for all the delays, confusions and headaches this transition has been causing you.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Kotaro Yoshida

2017 registration instructions
Spreadsheet-Based Registration

Registration Update and Heads-Up

March 9, 2017

Hello Friends (Federation Representatives),

I want to report back to you regarding the registration process this year and give you a heads-up for things to come in the next two weeks.

In recent months, and after talking with some of you over skype last week, I have come to three realizations:

(1) Some federations have reservations about going to the new, individualized registration online system (NIROS) too soon,
(2) the existing collective registration system (ECRS) has security risks, and
(3) the existing database contains some errors.

Regarding (1), your federation can choose between NIROS and ECRS this year. This was approved by the AUSKF BOD a few days ago.

Regarding (2), the old way of registration (ECRS) will have to be modified this year. In addition to addressing the security concern, the new fee schedule below has to be implemented:

Adult: $60
Youth: $30
Full-time Student: $30
Initiation Fee for New ID: $10

Regarding (3), we are hoping you can help correct some of the errors, especially regarding dojo names. The detailed instructions for this and for the collective registration method (ECRS) will be provided to you in a follow-up email in the next few days.

As some of you saw during the demo last week, the new online registration system (NIRO) is easy and safe. If you haven’t seen it, I will be happy to schedule a teleconference with you again. We plan to provide a “how-to” video online as well. We will first start with the MWKF members before we open it up to all federations. Detailed instructions will follow in a separate email within a couple of weeks.

I apologize for the delay and confusion that this transition has caused. Thank you very much for your patience and cooperation. You will hear from me again soon.

Kotaro Yoshida