Iaido shinsa information

January 14, 2018

Dear Regional Federation Presidents,

I hope you are doing well and enjoyed the holidays!

I would like to share the following information with you and your members who practice Iaido.

At the November 2017 AUSKF Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting, the following two items were voted on.

(1) Procedures for Requesting Qualified Examiners for Iaido Shinsa (Promotional Examination) from AUSKF

Regional federations (RF) unable to set up a qualified promotional examination board (PEB) may request assistance from AUSKF (AUSKF Policy and Procedures, Appendix A, Section I, Article 4).

  • Submit your email request via your RF president to the Iaido Committee Chairperson at least three months in advance of your scheduled shinsa
  • Include the date, location, names of RF examiners and their current rank and promotion ranks being offered in your request
  • After reviewing request, Iaido Committee Chairperson will forward request to AUSKF VP of Promotions for approval

Remember, RFs are limited to one request for AUSKF assistance per year. It is highly recommended RFs work with other nearby federations to set up a qualified a PEB.

(2) Shinsa for 5-Dan & Above in Iaido at the 2018 AUSKF Iaido Summer Camp

AUSKF Board voted at the November 2017 BOD Meeting to accept International Kendo Federation’s (FIK) recommendation to join Canadian Kendo Federation (CKF) in creating a North American Kodansha Iaido Shinsa.

The original recommendation was sent to AUSKF in 2016. Prior to 2018, FIK has been sending an official Iaido delegation to the USA to teach the seminar and sit on the shinsa board. CKF members wanting to be promoted to 5-dan and 6-dan attended the AUSKF Iaido Summer Camps. In 2017, FIK approved to only send one official delegation to the North America region starting in 2018. With Canada and USA possessing the majority of Iaido practitioners in North America , it was determine that FIK will send an official Iaido delegation to Canada in 2018 and to the USA in 2019 and 2020.


  • Shinsa at the 2018 AUSKF Iaido Summer Camp will only be provided for those testing up to 4-Dan
    • AUSKF does not have enough examiners to offer a shinsa for 5-dan or above per AUSKF Policy & Procedures, Appendix A, Section III, Article 4
    • The All Japan Kendo Federation (AJKF) Senseis attending the summer camp will not be sitting on the board because they have not been sent at official delegates by FIK
    • Number effected by change (based on records available to me)
      • Eight 5-dan qualify to test for 6-dan in 2018 (PNKF 3, MWKF 1, GNEUSKF 1, AEUSKF 2, SWKIF 1)
      • Fifteen 4-dan qualify to test for 5-dan in 2018 (PNKF 2, MWKF 1, GNEUSKF 4, AEUSKF 5, EUSKF 1, NCKF 1, SCKF 1)
    • Every third year, the Kodansha shinsa will be held in Canada
    • AUSKF Iaido members challenging the Kodansha shinsa in Canada will not be charged the administration fee per examination application by AUSKF for the 2018 North American Iaido Shinsa
    • CKF plans to hold the shinsa either in November or December 2018
      • Details will be provided as soon as they are available

Please share this information with your Iaido members along with the camp information below. If there are any questions, please send me an email at monica.iwakabe@auskf.org .

I look forward to seeing everyone at the 2018 AUSKF Iaido Summer Camp, Taikai, Shinsa and/or Jodo Workshop. We have great Iaido instructors from AJKF joining us – Mitani, Teruo Sensei (8-Dan Hanshi from Kochi Prefecture) and Hatakenaka, Atsumi Sensei (8-Dan Kyoshi from Tokyo Prefecture). Additional Information.

Monica Iwakabe
AUSKF Iaido Committee Chairperson


Direction for testing in Japan

January 7, 2018

For testing in Japan, please see the attachment.

Michio Kajitani


November 2017 Kodansha Exam Results

January 7, 2018

Congratulations to all who passed the kodansha promotional exam held 11/12/17 in Atlanta GA:

Rank    Name                  Federation
5 dan   Tatsuya Ogami         SCKO
5 dan   Beongjoon Kang        AEUSKF
5 dan   Akiyo Kawamura Powell NCKF
5 dan   Goro Abe              AEUSKF
5 dan   Miyun Kang            GNEKF
5 dan   Taiyueh Andre Chen    GNEKF
5 dan   Jonathan Berry        MWKF
5 dan   Steven Kim            SCKF
5 dan   Behzad Hadizadeh      AEUSKF
5 dan   Byung Chan Ahn        WKF
6 dan   Nathan Makino         SCKO
6 dan   Elizabeth Marsten     PNKF
6 dan   Shun Shigematsu       SCKF
6 dan   Junko Inoue-Winters   AEUKF
7 dan   Alexandre Ebihara     SEUSKF
7 dan   Takehiko Kaku         SWKIF
Renshi  Katsuyuki Tamura      SEUSKF

2018 New year greetings from AUSKF directors

January 3, 2018

  • Yoshiteru Tagawa (President)
    Greetings on the year of 2018.

    On August 19, 2017, the result of the election of the AUSKF directors announced. 6 new directors were elected.

    On November 10, 2017, 2018-2020 officers and chairpersons were newly elected by the new Board of Directors. In addition, we created ‘Youth Development and Education Committee’ to nurture the youth members of AUSKF.

    We will do our utmost to develop the future of the All United States Kendo Federation.

    Promotion & Examination Committee:
    We will strive to issue Menjos promptly in response to the requests forms & sheets from each member federation. In addition, we will update the AUSKF website sin order to provide easy-to-understand information of the application to process.
    I think the unifying the standards for the rank examination by each federation will be our goal.

    Competition Committee:
    In recent years there have been many competitions in each district. Although the players are constantly practicing in each dojo with the aim of improving kendo skills from day to day, referees need to brush up their skills. AUSKF conducts a referee seminar for each district. Please join these seminars as many times as possible. If the referee gets better, the match will be better. If the match gets better, Kendo will be better. I’d like you to practice refereeing.

    Education Committee:
    We will continue AUSKF Summer Camp, Educational Tour by 8-dan Sensei, AJK Champion Tour, Women’s Kendo Seminar, and Adult/Mudansha Seminar. We feel the importance of the improvement of teaching basic skills for leaders and instructors in each district. We’d like them to participate in as many seminars as possible so that they will correctly understand and teach basic skills. We’d like to respond to the requests from all the members of AUSKF.

    Youth Development Education Committee:
    This is a newly established committee. The population of youth kendo in each district is increasing recently, and the junior tournaments are held every year. The purpose of this committee is to encourage youth to develop skills to present on national level. They are the future of the Kendo in the United States. We will have training camps for Junior Team USA and opportunity to present on national level. We will continue the programs to take them to the junior high and high school students’ tournaments held in Japan.

    For all the members of the All United States Kendo Federation, I hope the year of 2018 will be another great and productive year.

  • Shinobu Maeda (Executive VP)
    I’m glad to be elected to the AUSKF Board of Director again to serve as Executive VP this term. This is my first experience in this position, and I will do my best, pursuing the prosperity of all the members of AUSKF.

  • Michio Kajitani (VP Promotion &Examination)
    I am honored to serve as an AUSKF board officer for the second term, and assume a responsibility as VP Promotion & Examination.  I will be looking forward to working with you all to provide smooth and efficient service for our members to help promote the proper art of Kendo, Iaido, and Jodo in the USA. 

  • Christopher Yang 
    Thank you for your continued support of AUSKF and Kendo in the United States. We will continue to work hard to improve the level of Kendo in the U.S and create programs and opportunities that benefit the kenshi of AUSKF.

  • Brandon Harada (VP Education)
    I was elected the new AUSKF Vice President of Education at the AUSKF BoD meeting in November.  I am taking over this role from Chris Yang Sensei and have big shoes to fill.  He has thankfully agreed to continue to help and I will also be receiving a huge helping hand from fellow AUSKF BoD member Hayato Okawa Sensei.  Chris Yang Sensei did a fantastic job in creating new programs such as the AUSKF Adult/Mudansha Seminar, AUSKF Women’s Seminar and the Team USA Giving Back Program while also continuing and improving upon the AUSKF Summer Camp, AUSKF Education Tour and other programs.  Next year will be a busy one with the World Kendo Championships along with the various other events, but we will do our very best to fulfill our duties and responsibilities.  I humbly ask for your patience and understanding as I fumble my way through the first year of my new role.

    Please let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas for improvement.  I will discuss them with my committee and will take them into consideration in our planning for the next few years.

  • Keiko Umemura (Treasurer)
    Happy New Year 2018!

    It is my great honor to introduce myself as the new treasurer of AUSKF Board. I am privileged to have this opportunity to join the board and hope that I will be able to assist you in all your needs in the future. Please feel free to contact me at keiko.umemura@auskf.org with any questions you may have, and let me know when I can assist you.

    I wish you a new year filled with joy, success and prosperity. Best wishes.

  • Norman Otani (Anti-Doping Committee Chairman)
    Greetings from the 2018-2020 AUSKF Anti-Doping Committee; both myself and committee member Dr. Michio Kajitani, look forward to providing our AUSKF members with the necessary anti-doping information that the International Kendo Federation [“FIK”] would like each FIK affiliated country to provide our Team USA members in preparation for the 17th WKC to be held in Incheon, South Korea, and to the AUSKF general population, to ensure compliance with the World Anti-Doping Agency [“WADA”} requirements.

    Each year the 2018-2020 AUSKF Anti-Doping Committee will provide the AUSKF member federation presidents with an update regarding FIK Anti-Doping information that will be helpful to assist each AUSKF member to be best prepared in adhering to the WADA anti-doping rules throughout the next three (3) years.

    To assist each of the fifteen (15) AUSKF member federations to be familiar with the anti-doping information; please go to the AUSKF website: http://www.auskf.org and you can locate the current AUSKF anti-oping program information, including the WADA 2018 Prohibited Substance list, etc.

    During the next year 2018; the 2018-2020 AUSKF Anti-Doping Committee will plan to provide the 17th WKC-Team USA members with the current Therapeutic Use Exemption [“TUE”] information, and other FIK anti-doping program updates prior to the 17th WKC event in September 2018. Best wishes to you and each of your respective AUSKF member federation kenshi for a Happy New Year 2018!! Sincerely,

  • Monica Iwakabe (Iaido Committee Chairperson)
    Happy New Year! Thank you all for electing me as a member of the 2018 – 2020 AUSKF Board and the AUSKF Iaido Committee Chairperson. I would especially like to thank Kato, Shozo Sensei for his past endeavors and successes as the previous AUSKF Iaido Committee Chairperson, and for his continuous support during my tenure. I hope to help grow Iaido and Jodo, to develop tools which would allow regional federations to host future AUSKF events, and encourage those that practice Iaido and Jodo to become more involved with the development of these arts within AUSKF. I look forward to working with all of our AUSKF members. Please contact me at at monica.iwakabe@auskf.org for any suggestions you may have to develop our programs. Lastly, I hope to see you at the 2018 AUSKF Iaido & Jodo Summer Camp in Salt Lake City, UT, May 31 – June 4, 2018. For more information, please check out http://shinken.cc/event/2018-auskf-iaido-summer-camp . 

  • Tim Yuge
    Wishing all of you a Very Happy New Year! May 2018 be a year of good health and happiness!

  • Tsuyoshi Inoshita
    As a reelected board member of AUSKF, I would like to continue to strive to make the organization pertinent and meaningful for every member who is an avid aficionado of Kendo/Iaido and derives an invaluable benefit from his or her affiliation with it. I wish everybody a happy new year. Sincerely.

  • Taro Ariga
    It is a great honor and responsibility for me to be an AUSKF board member.

    This is my first year as the AUSKF board member. I will do my best to make AUSKF better, and to support Kajitani sensei, VP of promotion. I also understand the importance of listening to voices from regional federations, so please feel free to give me your ideas, and let’s make AUSKF better together! Thank you and looking forward to a great 2018

  • Hayato Okawa 
    I have been newly appointed to the AUSKF Board for 2018-2020 as one of its members responsible for Education.

    Through numerous kendo seminars here in the US, I have endeavored to pass on the “Soul of the Samurai”, the Bushido Spirit that I had been taught in Japan for a very long time. I hope to be able to teach what traditional kendo culture entails, along with advancement of technique, and the essence of its discipline and manners.

    The US is a vast nation and there is still much that needs to be done to spread the art of kendo. By working with regional federations and its members nationwide, I will strive to develop an increased understanding of the greatness of kendo in this country.

  • Seiji Mamiya
    A happy new year to all AUSKF members,

    I was elected as the AUSKF director for the years 2018-2020. Working with Yuji Onitsuka sensei, I would be in charge of competitions, which includes National Championships, Junior National Championships, and all other tournaments. In order to maintain great tournaments, we would continue to hold Zone Referee Seminars nation widely.Taking this opportunity, I wish to contribute to all the Kendoist in the U.S. and the growth of AUSKF. I would really appreciate the support from the federations and the advices from the senseis. Best Regards,

  • Mark Kerstein
    I wish to convey greetings and best wishes to all members of the AUSKF for a safe and happy New Year celebration.  I hope 2018 is filled with success and joy for everyone and their families.  In the next year, I hope to help the AUSKF be better at meeting the needs of the Regional Federations and their respective Dojo and to help us all communicate more openly and more efficiently.

Jr. Nationals 2018 – Save the Date!

December 10, 2017

Greetings AUSKF board members and federation presidents,

We are excited to announce that a date and location have been confirmed the 2018 AUSKF Jr. Nationals! The location is Marina High School in Huntington Beach, California and the date is Sunday April 8th, 2018. The gym will be open on the day before (April 7) for preparation.

Attached is a save the date letter from Onitsuka Sensei that you can distribute to members of your federation. As we get more information we will share it via email and post it on our website: http://auskf-jrnationals.com/

Cheers and thank you!

– AUSKF Tournament Committee



AUSKF Board of Directors and Officers, 2018-2020

November 21, 2017

Dear AUSKF Member Federation Presidents,

The following is the result of the election held on November 11, 2017 at the AUSKF BOD meeting.

Shinobu Maeda
AUSKF Exec. V.P.

AUSKF Board of Directors and Officers, 2018-2020

President: Yoshiteru Tagawa
Executive VP: Shinobu Maeda
VP Promotion: Michio Kajtani
VP Competition: Yuji Onitsuka
VP Education: Brandon Harada
Treasurer: Keiko Umemura
Auditor: Kotaro Yoshida
Secretary-Historian: Tim Yuge

Committee Chairpersons
Iaido: Monica Iwakabe
Anti-Doping: Norman Otani
Youth Develop Education: Daniel Yang

Christopher Yang
Shozo Kato
Hayato Okawa
Seiji Mamiya
Taro Ariga
Tsuyoshi Inoshita
Mark Kerstein

Senior Executive Advisors
Charlie Tanaka
Atsushi Hori
Jeff Marsten

FIK America Zone Kendo Referee Seminar in Montreal Canada

October 18, 2017

Dear Presidents of AUSKF Regional Federation,

Please be informed that the “FY 2017 FIK America Zone Kendo Referee Seminar” will be held in Montreal Canada from Saturday 10th February 2018 to Sunday 11th February 2018.
*Fiscal-year / FY 2017: from April 2017 to March 2018.

Please peruse the attached files and submit the “Application Form” to yoshiteru.tagawa@auskf.org by November 28, 2017. (Deadline)

Best regards,
Yoshiteru Tagawa
President, All United States Kendo Federation

application form
– individuals: please check with your federation for its deadline