AUSKF Zone 6 Referee Seminar (Houston, TX)

February 20, 2017




Dear AUSKF members:

The next AUSKF Referee Seminar will be held in Zone 6 at Houston, TX on the weekend of March 18 & 19, 2017.

All AUSKF members are invited to join, even if you are from another zone. Our final AUSKF Referee seminar for this year will be May 6 & 7, 2017 in Atlanta, GA (more info to come in April).

For more information and registration of the Zone 6 Seminar, please go to:

The instructors for this event will be:

T. Yuge – Seminar coordinator

The deadline for registration is MARCH 7, 2017.

Thank you and hope to see you there!

AUSKF Referee Committee
Y. Onitsuka

New Membership Management System Test

February 14, 2017

Hello Federation Representatives,

This is to inform you that we are almost there to open up the new registration system for your members. Before doing so, however, we need to examine the system more carefully. For this purpose, we would like to invite your federations to try, test, and learn the new system. We heard from multiple federations some concerns and questions, so this is a good opportunity for you to experiment and check out the program as well. We have already started vetting the system with Midwest members, found some errors, and have fixed some issues and are in the process of fixing others. Please refer to this website for Q&A and security concerns.

Please access the website ( and do the following:

1) Create an account. If you are an existing member, link their existing account. Note that those who registered for the first time in 2016 (during or after summer camp) may not have their records in our system yet.
2) Update your profile.
3) Go through the membership registration process. This data will be wiped out once we go live. No credit card will be charged if you chose that option. Here are some test credit card numbers. I think they can enter any exp date that is in the future and any security code.
4) For dojo leaders, please check the roster and see what they can do.
5) Give Travis and Steve feedback. ( and

Feel free to extend this invitation to your dojo representatives and federation members. We will keep this site open for several days, until Sunday, February 19. This is a trial, so any data you enter will be wiped out, and you will do the same process again in March when the system opens up officially.

The followings are issues that Travis and Steve are in the process of resolving:
1) You may receive an error message when confirming your email. This will not prevent you from logging in. If you register without error and receive the page stating the registration was a success, you should be able to log in before you get a confirmation email and regardless of whether you confirm the email.
2) The login popup in the upper right does not work if you are not using your email as your login id. You should navigate from the main page and go to the login page.
3) The credit card check out page does not appear to post back when completing the order.

If anyone comes across an issue, please have them report their browser type, the steps they took in getting that error page, the date and time of the incident, and any other information that would be helpful in reproducing it. If they can continue looking at other features of the site, please have them continue.

Meanwhile, we would like to request that each federation submit to me ( the names and email addresses of (1) dojo representatives and (2) federation representatives. Those the (1) privilege will be able to see/edit the roster of their dojo while (2) can see/edit the roster of the entire federation.

We will continue to push updates to the system. Any and all feedback is welcome and necessary at this point. Thank you for your cooperation.

Kotaro Yoshida
Travis Stronach
Steve Hoff

(see also previous news)

2017 National Championships, 7th Junior Open National Championships

January 31, 2017

Greetings Federation Presidents and Representatives,

We are excited to announce that the 2017 AUSKF National Championships and 7th AUSKF Junior Open National Championships will be taking place on June 22 – 25, 2017 in San Jose, California.

The following website contains information on the tournaments, travel, and registration:

Please note the following important dates:

3/15/2017 – Pre-registration forms for both tournaments are due. The forms are available here: During pre-registration federations will only need to indicate how many players they want to register for each division. Please review all details here ( when registering participants. Note that age requirements vary between the two tournaments.

4/15/2017 – The tournament committee sends brackets to federations. These brackets will contain slots for players of each federation. Federations will then fill in their players into whatever positions they wish.

4/30/2017 – Federations submit which players will be in specific positions in each division.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Thank you for your time and cooperation. We look forward to seeing you soon!

– AUSKF Tournament Committee

Updated Promotion Exam Fees

January 29, 2017

Dear AUSKF Member Federation Presidents & Vice-Presidents of Promotion,

Since 1997, the promotion exam & menjo (certificate/register) fees have not changed. After 20 years of unchanged fees, AUSKF decided to revise the fees based on its necessities and current fees practiced in other countries. I’ve attached the revised AUSKF Promotion Exam & Certificate (Register) Fee structure which was approved by the AUSKF Board of Directors on November 13, 2016 and takes effect for any promotion exam conducted on or after April 1, 2017 by the AUSKF or AUSKF Member Federations.

Please distribute the revised schedule to the appropriate members of your federation.

Shinobu Maeda
VP Promotion & Examination, AUSKF

attachment: document

2nd AUSKF Women’s Kendo Seminar in New Jersey

January 26, 2017

Dear Federation Representatives:

We are excited to announce that the 2nd AUSKF Women’s Kendo Seminar will
be held on March 11-12, 2017 on the East Coast in Englewood, New Jersey!!!
This will be the first time we are bringing the Women’s seminar to the
East Coast, so we are looking forward to a great turnout.

This year, we will welcome back former Team Japan and World Champion
Yukiko Takami, together with former Team Japan member Mana Kawagoe!! We
are hopeful that this event will bring together the girls and women
throughout the United States to learn kendo from two of the top female
kenshi in Japan as well as top instructors from AUSKF!

We will have a full day seminar on March 11th (Saturday) and a half-day on
March 12th (Sunday). For more information and to register, please visit

AUSKF Education Committee

attachment: flyer

2017 AUSKF Summer Camp – Location

January 22, 2017

Dear Federation Leaders and Fellow AUSKF Kenshi:

Thank you for your continued support of AUSKF and AUSKF Education Activities.

We are currently looking into locations to hold the 2017 AUSKF Summer
Camp, and would like to invite member federations to “raise their hand” to
host this year’s event. As you know, the 2016 AUSKF Summer Camp was a
huge success, and we are looking forward to building on the momentum of
last year’s event and have a productive, educational event for all

Costs for the Summer Camp will largely be covered by AUSKF Education
Committee, but we will need to work closely with the hosting federation
with respect to logistics and volunteers. We will need to find a location
that is large enough to hold both a national seminar as well as a shinsa.
Please contact us directly at if you are
interested or if you need any additional information.

Kind regards,
AUSKF Education Committee

Team USA Prospects Training Camp – April 2016 (Los Angeles, CA)

January 16, 2017

Dear Federation Representatives:

Team USA will be holding its 4th Prospects Training Camp/Tryout to
identify and select team members to represent AUSKF at the 17th World
Kendo Championships on April 1st-2nd in Los Angeles, California.

Participants must be at least shodan (1 Dan) and registered members of
AUSKF. There is no age limit, but Kenshi must be willing and able to
participate in high-level national team level training.

Details for the event are as follow:

4/1: 8am-5pm
4/2: 8am-12pm

Saturday (4/1):
Charles H Wilson Park
2200 Crenshaw Boulevard
Torrance, CA 90501

Sunday (4/2):
Marina High School
15781 Springdale Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92649


This will be the last prospective camp before the team is officially
selected. Kenshi who do not attend this event will not be considered for
Team USA unless otherwise approved by the Manager of Team USA.

More information will be provided to registered participants. The deadline
for interested Kenshi to register is MARCH 5TH, 2017. For further
questions regarding details of the Training Camp, please contact

Yuji Onitsuka
Team USA 2016-2018 Manager