Official Announcement of AUSKF Board of Directors for 2018-2020

Dear AUSKF Regional Federation Presidents:

On behalf of the AUSKF, we would like to announce and congratulate the newly elected 2018-2020 AUSKF Board of Directors. These members will be seated this coming November at the next BOD meeting to be held in Atlanta, Georgia the weekend of November 11 & 12, 2017. At this meeting we will be having the elections for officers to serve during the next three years.

We would also like to thank and commend the out-going BOD for their service the past three years. Their time and efforts were thankless and we sincerely appreciate all their hard work over the past few years. We know they will continue to serve and support the AUSKF in many capacities.

For the new BOD members, I will be sending official information to them later this week in preparation of the upcoming meeting.

Thank you all for your federation’s efforts in voting and selecting the new AUSKF Board of Directors!

Tim Yuge
AUSKF Exec. V.P. and Chair, Election Committee

2018-2020 AUSKF Board of Directors:
1. Yoshiteru Tagawa (MWKF)
2. Kotaro Yoshida (MWKF)
3. Shozo Kato (GNEUSKF)
4. Tsuyoshi Go Inoshita (GNEUSKF)
5. Keiko Umemura (AEUSKF)
6. Seiji Mamiya (SCKO)
7. Hayato Okawa (SCKO)
8. Taro Ariga (SCKO)
9. Shinobu Maeda (SEUSKF)
10. Yuji Onitsuka (NCKF)
11. Monica Iwakabe (RMKF)
12. Mark Kerstein (SUSKIF)
13. Michio Kajitani (SWKIF)
14. Norman Otani (CCKF)
15. Christopher Yang (SCKF)
16. Brandon Harada (SCKF)
17. Tim Yuge (SCKF)

Out-Going AUSKF Board of Directors
Jeffrey Marsten (PNKF)
Shinichi Koike (PNKF)
Court Tanouye (NCKF)
Jean Kodama (SCKF)
Tomoji Kato (SCKF)
Shuntaro Shinada (SCKF)

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